The surroundings

lakes, mountainsthe meseta, Canal de castilla, the beach from Santander, beautiful cities like Palencia, valladolid, burgos and leon

Fromista is situated just in between Burgos and Leon, two beautiful cities worthwhile visiting. But even closer you find the beautiful cities of Palencia (15 minutes by car) and Valladolid. 

Nature is very diverse. Along the Canal you find the grain fields, alternated by sunflower fields in summer. In the north you find beautiful lakes, mountains (skiing is sometimes possible in winter), nature parks (like el parque nacional Montaña Palentina), cañons, like el Cañon de la Horedada, the rocks from Las Tuerces, the beach of Santander etc.etc. 

The airport from Madrid is at 1,5 hours by train from Palencia.